Environmental, Social & Governance

Key Figures

Take a look at Grameenphone’s latest social and environmental performance figures.

GRAMEENPHONE - ESG Metrics Q1'2021
People & Organisation
Women in total workforce (%) 13.4
Women in Board (%) 10
Women in new recruits (%) 71
Women in Extended Management positions (%) 12.3
Supply Chain Sustainability
Capacity building of suppliers (man-hours) 2,571
Findings of Child Labour (below 15 years) 0
Suppliers signed an ABC 100%
Direct Suppliers in scope for ABC 1,002
Sustainability inspections and audits carried out 231
Climate Change
Total GHG emissions (thousand tonnes CO2e) (Market based factors) 44.22
Direct GHG emissions/ Scope 1 (thousand tonnes CO2e) 1.73
Indirect GHG emissions/ Scope 2 (thousand tonnes CO2e) 42.49
Asia Scope 1+2 GHG emissions level in relevant year compared
to emissions in base year 2019 (%)
Total energy use (GWh) 95.02
Number of solar base stations 1194
Municipal waste recycled (%) 100
Digital Inclusion
Mobile Internet users (% of active data users) 52