Smart Home

Take the first step in building your smart home with a Grameenphone Smart Home Kit. Our intelligent system of connected devices can help you tailor smart home to your family’s needs. This intelligent system can be managed through our app on your compatible smartphone or tablet with internet connectivity. This allows you to receive alerts on your mobile when a motion is detected or if there is any smoke/ gas/ water leakage when you are away from home.


Pricing Details:

ItemDetailsRegular Price (BDT)Promotional Price* (BDT)
Smart Home Bundle
  • 1 x Smart Home Hub
  • 1 x Motion Detector
  • 1 x Smoke Detector
  • 1 x Gas-leakage Sensor
  • 1 x Water-leakage Sensor
  • 12 months service plan
  • 12 months replacement warranty
Smart Home Service PlanFrom 2nd year and onwardsN/A2,999/=

* Promotional offer is valid until further notice


Product Features

Central Controlling device
Real time status checking through mobile app
Ensure full home security when users are outside home
Real Time Monitoring
Remote control
Real time fire notification
Each alarm manager can connect to 10 sensors
Emergency alert notification through SMS and phone call


Product Benefits

Remote control of home functions
For owners with Smart Home systems, vacations can actually be relaxing. An owner can use their smartphones to remotely have control over premises. That peace of mind is invaluable.
Maximizing home security
Ensuring 24x7 home security through Motion Detector, Smoke Detector, Gas-leakage Sensor and Water-leakage Sensor
Home management insights
Your ability to tap into insights on how your home operates

How it works

The Grameenphone Smart Home makes it easy for you to talk to your smart home devices for customized automations.

  • Quickly set up Grameenphone Smart Home Hub
  • Add Grameenphone Smart Home devices, which include a range of smart devices, such as motion detector, gas-leakage sensor, smoke detector, water-leakage sensor, smart power plugs and more
  • Easily install devices in the best locations throughout your home with handy installation tips and tricks
  • Access helpful online support content and 24x7 technical support, if you need it

Setup and Manage

The enrollment process consists of below steps.

Tabs will be shown in the site like below:

Starter-kit Installation

  • Open Start-kit box; which includes: 1-Hub, 1- Smoke, 1-Gas, 1-Water Leak, 1-Motion sensors.
  • Install Hub next to the main entrance door close to a wall power socket and connect power.
  • Insert batteries on Water Leak and Motion sensor. Detail is mentioned in the manual of the box.
  • Install Hub next to the main entrance door close to a wall power socket and connect power.
  • Install Water Leak sensor, motion sensor, smoke sensor and gas leakage sensor to the hub and enjoy the service.

Mobile Apps Installation

  • Go to play store and download the app named “Smart Home”
  • Before Registration please check if the HUB is turned ON.
  • Complete registration by providing the email address, contact no. and password.
  • Add the hub to the application by scanning the QR of the box
  • Type in the location of your sensors.
  • After completing the registration, you can login to the application.

Device Installation:

  • Connect all the sensors with the hub according to the manual.
  • Add location in the app of each device to recognize the rooms where the sensors have been placed
  • Sensors will send an alarm message to the reregistered contact no.

Installation Video

Smart Solutions


  • What is Grameenphone Smart Home Service?
    Grameenphone Smart Home is an intelligent system of connected devices, which you can easily manage with our App on your compatible smartphone or tablet with internet connectivity. This allows you to receive alerts on your mobile when a motion is detected or if there is any smoke/gas/water leakage when you are away from home.
  • What about the after sales service?
    You will get the privilege of Grameenphone call center and technical backup.
  • Warranty period?
    It comes with 1-year replacement warranty period
  • How to setup the host?
    To setup the host first we have to insert the sim in the sim slot. Then power up the device. If the GSM Light of the device blink once every 3 seconds, it means the device receive the GSM signal successfully.
  • What is the use of CDDE button in the Host?
    The CDDE button is used for adding the physical remote control and sensors to the host.
  • How to add sensors to the host?
    For adding sensors to the host, you have press the CDDE button twice, after that a voice appear ”ADD ZONE 1”,then you have press the test button any of your sensor, it will be added and a voice will appear ”successful”. If you press the CDDE button again then you will able to add the second sensor in zone 2. This way you can add maximum 10 sensor to the host system in 10 zone. 
  • What type of sensors supported in Smart Home Security?
    There are many kind of sensor which are supported by our system,
    1. Smoke
    2. Gas Leak
    3. Water Leak
    4. Motion
    5. And many more.
  • How to use the app?
    You can easily download our app from play store. For using Smart Home System you need to open an account in our mobile app by sign up. For Sign-up as a new user you need to scan the QR code .After that you have to provide sensor info which you already added to the sensors. Make sure you maintain the same sequence of the sensor which you have already added to the host system.
  • How to add Host number?
    The host number will automatically add when you do the registration.
  • Why we need the Host?
    The host manages all of the sensors and send notification to the user.
  • What is the usage of remote control?
    By using the remote control you can active and deactivate your host System.
  • How to active the host system?
    You can active the Host System from mobile app and you can also do it from physical remote. If you are outside then you can use the mobile app.
  • How to receive notification from smart home device?
    You will receive notification when a sensor will alarm. You can also receive notification of your device status, such as device is active or deactivate. You can also see the alarm history of each sensor from the mobile app.