GP Points

GP customers (both Prepaid and Postpaid) using MyGP app can earn GP Points for purchasing selected GP Minute & Data packs, Flexiplan packs, Powerload Offer Packs and Data Scratch card recharge.

GP Points can be used to purchase Data & SMS packs from MyGP app or to Gift to other MyGP app users.

  • Download and use MyGP app to see GP Points balance, to get Data/SMS packs or to Gift GP Points
  • Customers not using MyGP app need to install MyGP app first to start accumulating GP Points
  • If a customer does not visit MyGP at least once for 30 days GP Points accumulation will stop
  • If a customer does not visit MyGP at least once for 90 days earned GP Points will not be usable any more
  • Selected GP Minute & Data packs from Flexiload/MyGP app/ GP Website/USSD code will be considered for GP Points earning
  • GP Point validity will be current year plus 1 years. For example, GP Points earned in 2020 (any date) will be valid till 31st December 2021. But to continue GP Points earning (customer must visit MyGP app at least once in every thirty days) or keep earned GP Points usable (customer must visit MyGP app at least once in every ninety days)
  • Can gift 500 GP Points 1 time in a calendar date
  • No charge for GP Points Gifting or Receiving
  • Gifting GP Points will not increase validity period
  • In case of Flexiplan pack gifting the sender will get the GP Points & the receiver will get the pack
  • Refer MyGP app to other users through MyGP app and earn GP Points
  • Recharge, bill payment, STAR stats change or up gradation not possible using GP Points

Table 1: Point earning packs:

Pack DetailValidityMRPGP Points Earned
35MB3 Days1311
350MB3 Days3328
85MB7 Days3833
2GB3 Days5446
3GB (2GB + 1GB 4G)3 Days6354
5120MB (Bioscope)30 Days4942
115MB30 Days5850
1GB7 Days8976
4GB (3GB + 1GB 4G)7 Days10893
8GB (6GB + 2GB 4G)7 Days148127
555MB28 Days149128
1GB30 Days189162
12GB (10GB + 2GB 4G)7 Days198170
1.5GB30 Days247212
3GB30 Days289248
8GB30 Days399342
20GB30 Days649557
30GB30 Days998857
175MB3 Days1916
200MB+35Min3 Days2421
75MB3 Days98
3GB72 Hours6757
5GB (4GB +1GB 4G)30 Days299257
15GB30 Days498427
45 Min7 Days3326
70 Min4 Days4435
85 Min + 50 SMS7 Days5342
125 Min7 Days7861
160 Min7 Days9978
200 Min10 Days11792
250 Min7 Days150118
300 Min7 Days175137
330 Min30 Days199156
400 Min15 Days233183
500 Min30 Days288226
175 min + 1 GB FB7 Days11086
100 Min7 Days5946

* Flexi plan packs (Customers will accumulate GP Points from all Flexiplan pack purchase. In case of flexiplan pack gifting the sender will get the GP Points) ** Powerload offer packs (Customers will get GP Points only if any of the above packs is purchased as Powerload offer)   Table 2: Redemption Packs (to be availed from MyGP app)

Redemption Packs

GP Points Required
to redeem the pack

Validity (Days)Channel
200 SMS2197MYGP


Bioscope Prime Pass