Useful Tips

To do list before going abroad

Check the below information before leaving the country

  • International Roaming Coverage & Tariff
  • Grameenphone TravelSure offer/features

Check your current roaming status, before leaving the country

If you are Grameenphone postpaid customer, make sure that you do not have outstanding bill payments before going overseas to avoid service interruption while roaming.

If you are Grameenphone prepaid customer, make sure that you have at least 10 USD balance in your account before going overseas. Dial *566*4# to check the balance.

Save Grameenphone Customer Service number +8801700100121 on your phonebook so that you can contact Grameenphone Customer Service while travelling overseas.

To do list when you are in abroad with GP Roaming

On arrival at your destination country, turn on your phone and it will connect to a local network automatically if the network selection option in handset is set as “Automatic”. If the network selection is not set as “Automatic”, then a manual network selection will be necessary*.

*Manual network selection varies on handset settings.

To make call and send SMS:

  • To Mobile phone number of the visiting country: Dial Desired Mobile Number
  • To Land phone of the Visiting country: Dial Area code and then Desired Mobile Land phone number
  • Making International Call or send Message: Dial International access code (+ or 00) then country code then desired number
  • Making Call or send Message to Bangladesh : Dial International access code (+ or 00) then 880 then Desired Number; Example to call a mobile phone dial + 88017xxxxxxxx or 0088017xxxxxxxx
  • Check Data/ internet service enable or not: International Data Roaming allows you to enjoy uninterrupted mobile data services while abroad.
  • Avoid substantial international roaming charges when travelling overseas with your smartphone. Simply follow these simple instructions to turn Internet roaming off/on:




General Troubleshooting

  • Network unavailability: If you are unable to find any network, then please first switch off/on your handset and then select the network manually.
  • Cannot make/receive calls: If you are unable to make/receive calls, then please check the signal strength on your phone’s display, if the signal strength is low then try to select network manually and make sure you’re using the right dialing codes for your national and international calls.
  • Cannot send SMS: If you are unable to send SMS, please check the SMS center number whether it is in right format or not; the right format is +8801700000600
  • If the problem still not solved, please call to +8801700100121 - 24 hours a day from any number Or send mail to

IR Billing and Payment info

  • As per Bangladesh Bank directives, IR bill need to be charged in USD from customer‘s own International credit card/International debit card or FC account.
  • Though auto debit customers provide authorization to GP to deduct usage amount to ensure uninterrupted roaming service but sometimes (especially holidays/weekends) may not be possible to charge the amount as for charging we are dependent on banks and bank remain close during holidays/weekends.
  • IR bill is charged based on the charging record that roaming partners claim/send. It could take up to three months from your overseas return for the last roaming charges to appear on your Grameenphone bill.
  • During roaming, it is not possible to bar the roaming service in real time (even if the Security Deposit is crossed) as billing records are generated from the Roaming Partner’s system and shared at a delayed time. Hence, it is recommended that the roaming customers select the appropriate Roaming Product and Profile while subscribing to roaming services.