Visiting Bangladesh?

Always stay connected with nearest and dearest one while you're visiting Bangladesh by Selecting Grameenphone Network, the widest and strongest coverage over the country.

How can you select Grameenphone Network?

Automatic Configuration

Waiting for your phone log on to the Grameenphone network > The BGDGP/Grameenphone operator logo would appear when you are connected to the network.

Manual Configuration

Simply select Grameenphone as your mobile roaming network when you are in Bangladesh by setting Manual Network Selection as follows:

Feature Phone:

Menu > Setting > Network Selection > Manual > OK > BGDGP/Grameenphone


Setting > Carrier > Uncheck 'Automatic' sign > Select > BGDGP/Grameenphone


Setting > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Network Operator > Search Networks > BGDGP/Grameenphone


Manage Connection > Mobile Network Options > Network Selection Mode > Manual > Select Automatic Mode When Manually Selected Network is Not Available > No > Select > BGDGP/Grameenphone

How can you Make calls?

For making Voice Calls while roaming in Grameenphone Network use the following procedure:

Making Calls to Mobile Phone of Bangladesh Dial the Desired Mobile Number Example: 017xxxxxxxx
Making Calls to Land (Area) Phone of Bangladesh Dial Area Code then the Desired Number Example: 02 9882990
Making International Calls Dial International Access Code ('+' or '00'), then Destination Country Code and then Desired Number (if required with Area Code) Example: + 60 X XXXXXXX or 00 60 X XXXXXXX

TravellingConnect Reward Program

Stay Connected and Go Further with Grameenphone Network, the leading Mobile Operator in Bangladesh. On top of that, now you can earn rewards with your preferred loyalty program by simply selecting Grameenphone. To earn bonus air miles or hotel points on your Roaming usage, register once with Travelling Connect and manually select Grameenphone when making roaming calls in Bangladesh.


The Reward Program

Register for the program. You can get 2 -3 airline miles or hotel points for every 1 minute of outgoing calls made or every 1 MB of data usage.

Eligibility Criterion

To avail the TravellingConnect Loyalty Program, please ensure the following:
  1. The user must be an overseas 3G or GSM user provisioned for International Roaming Services
  2. While visiting Bangladesh, please select Grameenphone (BGD-GP or Grameenphone) as your roaming operator
  3. Be a valid member of TravellingConnect Reward Program